The Duality of Indigeneity Mural

Pyramid Lake Paiute artist Gregg Deal installed The Duality of Indigeneity in Baltimore, Maryland in 2015. This piece, like all of Deal’s critically acclaimed work, drew inspiration from paying homage to Indigenous lived experiences, confronting stereotypes, and critiquing representations of Indigenous peoples across popular culture and political issues. Reflecting on The Duality of Indigeneity, the artist challenged viewers to consider which of the two male figures depicted–one with long hair and one with short hair–is more Indian. “The answer,” Deal offers, “is that they’re both Indian.” 

Deal completed this piece as part of his Baltimore-based HOME artist residency. His work has appeared in the Denver Art Museum, Smithsonian Institution, and other venues across the country, as well as internationally. Deal is currently based in Colorado.

Image: The Duality of Indigeneity (Gregg Deal)

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Designed by Brian Habib